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Welcome to the careers page of Arshvin Group. List of all the jobs is as follows:

  • ARV-J001: Salesman – Sarees and / or Salwar Suits

We require highly skilled and experienced salesman of sarees and/or salwar suits.

  • ARV-J005: Finance & Accounting data operator

Skill Set Required

– Well experienced in using computer hardware & software such as Windows, Ms Office (Esp. Excel and Word)
– Deep Knowledge/experience of Tally accounting software is a must
– Well Experienced in book keeping and management of accounts
– Clear in speech and good written communication skills
– Languages required: Hindi and English

Work Responsibilities (include but are not limited to)
– Travel to branch outlets for collection of accounting data
– Email and telephone based communication with head office and Mumbai office regarding various issues
– Respond to telephone enquiries and make calls for discussing various issues

  • ARV-J006: SMO/SEO analyst & Web Store relations manager

Skill Set Required

– Excellent English language skills primarily in written format
– Familiarity with usage of facebook’s own as well as third party apps to promote, enhance and/or drive more traffic to a facebook page
– Experience and knowledge of working with twitter, wordpress, blogger and other blogging platforms
– Familiarity with facebook, Google, Yahoo and other popular web-based advertising platforms
– Basic knowledge of image editing specially for web pages and online ads
– Ability to do advanced designing work on Corel draw and Adobe Photoshop will be an added advantage

Work Responsibilities (include but are not limited to)

– Active blogging on company’s pages such as its blogs regarding various products and related topics
– Engaging customers and responding to their queries on facebook, twitter, email and any other platforms
– Enhancing company’s online presence through social media using various platforms / tools
– Handling web store orders and ensuring fulfilment
– Keeping the website updated with stock quantity information


Interested people may mail their resumes along with the Job code i.e. ARV-Jxxx to:

careers at arshvin dot com